the 2020 christmas card with surprising links

Hi there i'm back with another interactive X-Mas Card ...
we wish you all the best and good health ...
and hopefully we'll all meet up on a dance floor again ... are you ready ?
Hint: can you find all 17 (seventen ???) hidden goodies ... (need more hints, scroll down)
NYE 2021 Maitanz 2021 moved Boots 4 Two Boots In Trouble Tanzbeschreibung deutsch Stepsheet english RaeLynn Music Video Keep Up Country Girl (tutorial) Keep Up Country Girl (Demo) Center Of My World (Demo) Center Of My World (Tutorial) PD Demo with alternative track Chris Young Music Video Stepsheet english Tracy Byrd Music Video Tanzbeschreibung deutsch Homepage got problems ? click for web based version xmas2020
Hint: Move your cursor around and watch out for clues ...
Have Fun
Best to all of you
Some email clients are tricky, they will pop up the picture without the links in case you miss the proper items.
There are two solutions if things happens like that:
1) go < HERE > for a web based surprise ... or ...
2) find the figures, check out the boxes, examine the stars, search the xmas ball, don't forget the Lucky Logo